Oro Bello wine is crafted with care from high-quality fruit that has come from “hidden gem” AVA vineyards. This means we have no need to sweeten our wines or add gum arabic (used to increase mouthfeel) or DMDC.
Oro Bello Wines

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Oro Bello Wines
Our Vineyard Sources

Chalk Hill AVA, CA

30% of our fruit for our Oro Bello Chardonnay comes from Piziali Vineyard in the Chalk Hill AVA, Sonoma. The AVA is named for the chalky white ash that is volcanic in origin, which characterizes the soils. Piziali is distinctive by its size (only a 5-acre lot) and its Northeastern facing direction, which makes it slightly cooler, thereby allowing the grapes to hold on to their acid. The soils here are very shallow which encourages a low yield - full concentration of flavor and nicely balanced acid. 

Lodi AVA, CA

The 70% of the fruit for our Oro Bello Chardonnay that comes from Lodi is located at the northern edge of the San Joaquin Valley, east of San Francisco Bay. Lodi enjoys a similar climate and growing conditions to its coastal neighbors Napa and Sonoma. The two major rivers originating in the Sierra Nevada mountain range that feeds the Lodi appellation have brought soils rich in granitic-based minerals that lend complex flavors to the wines of Lodi. 

Madera AVA, CA

The Madera appellation is one of the oldest designated AVAs in California and yet the fact that wineries are making award-winning wines here is one of the industry’s best-kept secret. As one of the oldest grape growing regions in America, they have a long tradition of producing volume wines, however, today's modern practices and multi-generational growers are more and more focused on producing premium fruit. It is to these flagship growers that we turn to source the vibrant Syrah for our Oro Bello Rose Gold. The microclimate is bounded and cooled by the San Joaquin River on the southwest and the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the east. Warm summer temperatures and varied soil types in Madera County provide a foundation for the full development of the grapes. 



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